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Thoughts from the airport

KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia I’m now in Singapore, spending some quality time with my nieces. Big Bro went to Germany last Saturday and Taiso headed to Hong Kong yesterday. So, only me, Nee, Ling and the maid at home. Taking care of children is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and responsibilities. Last Friday, i took an early flight (jetstar) to Singapore but flight delayed for 2 hours. I spent nearly two hours sitting at the airport gate. I used to travel a lot when i was with the national team and being in the KLIA airport kind of reminded me of the good old days. I’m traveling alone this time around and a lots of thing going through my mind when i was sitting on the bench inside the waiting area. There are few planes landed safely and park its way to their slots. Others were taking off for another journey carrying passengers to their destination. From the frontview of my sitting, i observed how the workers busy attending to the landed planes under the hot sun. Some running from one plane to other to check on the plane while others are moving the baggage, giving signals for taking off and landing. My eldest brother used to be one of them, working under SIA as the aircraft engineer. I never knew how hard he works. I never knew the amount of pressure and responsibilities that he shouldered but in that instant, i knew. He used to work overtime 7 days a week when he was with MAS. Then, he joined SIA. What does an aircraft engineer do? He make sure the plane is safe to fly and the safety of all the passengers is actually of his hands. My big bro, when he was young, he likes plane. Mama bought him a toy plane and he loves to watch drama series like Airwolf which i thought boring. He also likes to watch Mc Gyver and i wondered if his passion for repairing things was inspired by the series. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fulfill his ambition as a pilot because he has long-sightedness, or astigmatism but he end up being an aircraft engineer instead. He got a scholarship from MAS and futher his studies in Scotland. He is the role model for us and we look up to him for being a successful person despite our not-so-well-to-do family background. Though, i might suffered a low self-esteem since i was young, being ridiculed and laughed at but i told myself i’m going to be successful one day. I’m quiet strong willed and I felt proud of our family members for being successful despite of the difficult childhood we faced. My siblings and I used to envy those kids with a perfect family – rich. They can have the best in the world but i also realized that those kids have their own unhappiness. Their parents are so busy with their work and never bother to spend time with them but expensive gifts. They have full loads of expectation to fulfill because they comes from the upper class background. This made me wondered if being in materialistic well-to-do family is that great at all. Those kids, i thought to myself – if being put in my shoes, i wondered if they could survive  at alland achieve what me and my siblings had achieved. We can never choose our parents but we are thankful for the life that had been given to us. Grass is always greener on the other side of the field! I never wish for anything but a life full of happiness for my family members. It was a touching moment when i saw my sister in law bidding farewell to my brother. It was then, i realized my brother had found his happiness in life. I rarely see such a scene cause my bro is kinda cool guy and rarely show his affection in front of us, being a big Koko maybe he is shy la. There will be changes in life and i believe if there is strong family support, one can overcome any obstacles in life. Because you know that no matter what – rich or poor, sick and healthy – for the family, you will still be the same you. I’m not sure if my brother will ever read this blog – but i think all of us here are proud of him.

So, you think you can coach?


Hola! I’m back blogging.

Heyha-s! I’ve been missing in action for some time. I’ve been enjoying my holiday while doing some part time badminton coaching.

Everything is on the right track and so my next thought began- What am i going to do next? I’m still interested in the field of psychology; particularly in sports psychology. I’m looking for opportunities but first i have to gain experience as a sports psychologist/mental trainer.

During the first week of my holiday, i attended a coaching course organized by the BAM. I’ve gained some valuable insight that probably changed my coaching principles towards children in the future. Even though i’ve been an ex-national player before, it doesn’t mean i’m competent enough to be a good coach. In fact, i’m humbled by how little i know about being a knowledgeable coach, be it in sports science theoretical knowledge or in practical application and experience as a coach. I believe that there are ex-players like me who thought that we knew everything about the game but yet we know nothing but the pride had left us missed the opportunity to learn to growth as an individual and a better coach. Being a player, they just have to follow the coach’s instructions to train but as a coach there are unlimited responsibilities that one have to shoulder especially in coaching young talented kids. Perhaps one of the most important thing that i realize and was able relate to myself in the past as well as the young players today is the whole unsystematic/unethical training of young talented players today are being push too early and too hard. Why? Pressure, competitiveness and coaches just want results without having second thoughts on the possibilities of injury and growing mechanism disruption of these players. Hence, many are unable to go far when they reached 17 and 18 years old. This, not to mention the psychological well being of adolescent players who experience all kinds of distractions, curiousity, emotional being, adaptability with their surrounding. Sometimes coaches just don’t care about the psychological being of these young players and label them with various negative comments that probably leave a lifetime scarring in their life.

Recently, BAM hired Hendrawan to revive the back up players that seems to be so far away from Chong Wei. Few years back, Li Mao requested few players from Rashid’s 2010 squad to be train under him but was being rejected – (it’s all about credit, for selfish reasons if Li Mao is able to bring any of the youngster up, Rashid will lose the credits for training them in 2010 squad). So, he manage to keep all the players to himself and Li Mao was unhappy with the politics, selfish environment and uncooperative nature among the coaches that drive him to return to Korean team. At least he is well respected in Korea and they treat him well unlike in Malaysia. Now, after a couple of years, there is no players from Rashid’s 2010 squad that can narrow their gap with Chong Wei and they start to panic. Thus, the hiring of Hendrawan to revive the back-up players.

I commented this on a badminton forum.

“A pleasant surprise to hear that Hendrawan is being hired by BAM to revive the back-up squad after the overrated coaches fail to do wonders to them but still selfishly keep the players to themselves. What’s the difference now in hiring Hendrawan when Li Mao requested to coach 1/2 of the potential youngsters? Luckily Hendrawan has a good friend here to guide him through the politic 101 in BAM. Hiring the best coaches in the world is not going to solve the problem in the long term. They should examine the whole badminton development in the grass root level and also internally/external factors in the state associations & BAM. ”

Implementing coaching license in badminton and focusing on sport science is a sound plan but what is the use for educating the coaches in sport science for school, private and state level but not the national level? Isn’t it contradicting with their purpose and intention when they hire a foreign coaches without the sports science knowledge? This is how the Malaysian brain works.

Having said that, I believe Hendrawan will make a difference to the men’s team. According to NST, Hendrawan is the last resort

“Hendrawan is known as an excellent worker, especially with lesser gifted players and he himself is an example of how well a player with a small physique can be so successful on the international stage.

“Hendrawan will definitely offer something new for the players. The majority of the our back-up players don’t have the advantage of size so we hope that he (Hendrawan) will be able to relate his experience and pass on his effective training methods.

Personally, i think the comment is stupid. What’s more, there are rumours saying Hafiz and Kuan Beng Hong will be place under Hendrawan. Just admit that you are not good enough for the job and don’t blame it on LESS GIFTED players and save yourself some face when BAM already doubting your ability. This makes me wonder what’s so great about a coach who can only produce Lee Chong Wei who is more talented from the rest of the players in the country? If the coach is so great, he should have produce 10 Lee Chong Weis…. having said that, i agree that talent is important in grooming world class players.

How long does it take BAM to realize that they lack talent management and what is the use of implementing coaching licenses for the grass root level and louding the importance of sports science but yet they do the opposite by hiring foreign coaches without the knowledge of sports science at all? Funny isn’t it how they think. In fact, we are not lack of talents and you will be surprise with the numbers of children & youngsters participating in various tournaments but there is no systematic development program. The state BAs are all inactive in playing their role and some BAs are even in spotlight for having corruption issues. Where the money goes?

With all the uncertainties, no wonder parents today are not encouraging their children to be professional badminton players. What is their future if they sacrifice their time, education, money and effort but end up going no where. Afterall, there is only one Lee Chong Wei.

My advise – not worth it unless your child is very very very talented. Good Luck to Hendrawan! Expect to handle some lesser talented players and do a miracle.

Please Help Little Irshad!

My heart wretched when i saw this picture…. Irshad’s mom, Salmiah is appealing to any skin specialist to come forward to help his son to treat his rare skin disease. The skin condition worsen when Irshad was 6 months old he was having difficulty to sleep at night. The condition of the skin will get worst during the hot weather as the skin will became dry, itchy and start to peel off. If you wish to help, Irshad’s father Azizan can be reach at this number 013-5049190.

ABJECT MISERY: In Kapung Siput, in Baling, Kedah, 22-month old Irshad Azizan stays home in pain and misery, all because of a rare skin disease he suffered since he was six-months old. His mother Salmiah Abd Rahman, 40, has appealed for skin specialists to help her youngest child. Irshad is especially vulnerable to hot weather, compelling him to cry incessantly in pain. – Pix by Bernama

12 days Instant marriage for Roslin Hashim

Bold statement from Roslin –  ” I never had sex with wife, claims Roslin” – Thestar Online. Roslin Hashim was my senior batch in the national badminton team. In fact, I was in the same batch with Hafiz. I’ve not heard about him for quiet sometime. I only heard of his dispute with BAM and he moved on to play in some clubs base in Europe. I don’t want to be KAY PO CHI…. but when i came across some news involved people i know, naturally, my kayponess increased cause it piqued my interest. Well, i don’t know what happen in between but just wish him luck la. Both siblings – Roslin & Hafiz are not sailing smoothly this year.

Roslin dan Faizah

Worldwish – Gives hope to children with life-threatening medical conditions

When there is hope, life become meaningful….

A dream is a wish your heart makes…

I came across this interesting international organization called “WORLDWISH” which touched my heart and inspire me to work on this meaningful cause in the future. I was offered a free complimentary FORTUNE magazine and thats how i found out about Worldwish. Most of us heard about WorldVision before and it’s well known event of 30 hour famine. WorldWish is totally different approach in reaching out and offering hope to children worldwide. The foundation grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human
experience with hope, strength and joy.

The First Wish
The creation of the Make-A-Wish Foundation was inspired in the U.S. in 1980 by the fulfillment of a wish of a 7-year-old boy with leukemia named Chris Greicius, who wished to be a policeman. His mother, several friends and a group of police officers, with the cooperation of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, granted his wish with a custom-made uniform, helmet, badge, and helicopter ride!

The First “Make-A-Wish” Child

The magical relationship the Make-A-Wish Foundation has formed with Disney on a global scale began with Frank “Bopsy” Salazar, the first official wish child. Like Chris, he was a 7-year-old boy in the U.S. who was diagnosed with leukemia and revered people in uniform. The Foundation set out to grant his wish to be a firefighter, and thanks to wonderful support from our Disney friends, more fun was in store for his magical wish!

Affiliates of Worldwish / Make-A-Wish Foundation International can now be found in 31 countries around the world (excluding the United States). Surprisingly, there is no Worldwish in Malaysia. I’m disappointed. Hope Worldwish will come to Malaysia real soon. Meanwhile, more information can be obtain via http://worldwish.org

PM Najib and “His” 1Malaysia

Finally, after much drama, DS Najib swore in as the 6th PM of Malaysia. He introduced  one Malaysia concept as his vision for his leadership.

‘1Malaysia is intended to provide a free and open forum to discuss the things that matter deeply to us as a nation. It provides a chance to express and explore the many perspectives of our fellow citizens. What makes Malaysia unique is the diversity of our peoples.

‘1Malaysia’s goal is to preserve and enhance this unity in diversity which has always been our strength and remains our best hope for the future. I hope this website will initiate an open and vital dialogue exploring our Malaysian identity, purpose, and direction.

‘I encourage each of you to join me in defining our Malaysia and the role we must play in its future. Each of us – despite our differences – shares a desire for a better tomorrow. Each of us want opportunity, respect, friendship, and understanding.’

Read here –“One Malaysia” — what it means…..

One Malaysia? How?

1) Abolish NEP “ketuanan melayu” – The barrier of all races in Malaysia

2) Abolish ISA – Why release 13 detainees only? Release all and abolish ISA!

3) Fight corruption

Let’s give him a fair chance but can he walk the talk of the mission impossible above? Or there is another meaning of 1 Malaysia? Sloone’s interpretation – One word, one thought, one action. No disagreement. No criticism.

Btw, the new PM is already joining the bloggersphere… 1 Malaysia already go online …. believe it! Check it out http://www.1malaysia.com.my

Wow… the website is like his personal blog, better than Tun AAB warkahuntukpm.com.my (suppose to be shut down already). So, what exactly is 1 Malaysia ?

As for MCA tells Najib to create a 2nd DPM post reported in Malaysiakini, keep on dreaming ya… if there is 2nd DPM post for chinese, then MIC also request DPM no 3…  should we have 3 PM also?

Please help a ghost to seek his wife and son

Five men seeking a ghost’s wife and son


KUALA LUMPUR: Five men have taken out advertisements in three Chinese dailies seeking a dead man’s wife and son. They claim the ghost of the dead man wanted the wife and son found. In their quest, the five also turned to Datuk Michael Chong, often called on to help in cases involving violent Ah Longs, missing spouses, Internet scams and vengeful partners, to help them with their supernatural problem.

At a press conference called by the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head, the five men said their problems began when they visited Cambodia earlier this month where the “haunting” started.

They had checked into a hotel room on a floor that a masseuse had warned them was “dirty.” Teow Hsium Choon, 36, a factory worker, said two of the five then made crass jokes about ghosts in their hotel room. “I felt a great sense of unease almost immediately, as though there were many angry spirits surrounding me,” Teow claimed, adding that he was possessed twice within four hours. His friend Ding Hon Sai, 38, said he panicked when he saw Teow going into a seizure the same night, when they were in a pub. “When he gained consciousness, he spoke in a woman’s voice and started to sob loudly,” said Ding, adding that the “ghost” was begging for forgiveness in Hokkien.

The second time Teow was possessed, a male spirit said it would stop disturbing them only if they located its son, one Chew Kon Lai, 38, and wife Chong Sim Choon. Michael Chong said that before the five came to him, he had received an anonymous call asking him to help five men from Alor Setar who would seek his help.

“This is an extremely unusual case. I hope we can help the men locate these two people as soon as possible,” he said. The five have already published notices seeking the wife and son in three local Chinese dailies, but there has been no response. Those who have information about Chew or Sim Choon’s location can contact Teow at 019-575 8288, Ding at 012-482 9855 or MCA secretary Tay Joann at 03-2161 5678

Please help the 2 poor guy if you happen to know  Chew Kon Lai, 38,  Chong Sim Choon. Eerie isn’t it especially during the Ching ming period. Moral of the story – Don’t simply talk something that would offend the spirit from the underworld; you will regret it.